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Секта белой книги жизни
сообщение 5.2.2007, 19:52
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Заслуженный Ветеран

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Нет, это очередная секта.

Как появляются подобные вещи смотрим креатив.
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сообщение 5.2.2007, 20:10
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Да уж, подлость сектантов не знает границ.
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сообщение 5.2.2007, 23:50
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Заслуженный Ветеран

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Морят, что ль где- то, что эти сектанты, как тараканы, к нам устремились. И все какие- то белые, - с горячки что ли? Единственно хорошо, что, как у масонов, "приходят неоткуда и уходят в никуда".
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сообщение 6.2.2007, 11:07
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Ой, бредятина. Формула не нова: собрали все проблемы, которыми большинство недовольны, сказали, что это все потому, что нет истины и вуаля! - вот вам новая идея, новая секта, новое течение.

"Предлагается принятие Россией, Беларусью, Украиной, Казахстаном и всеми государствами мира общенациональной и общемировой идеи наднационального и надконфессионального уровня, поднимающей людей над всеми земными различиями, на уровень, где сходятся интересы всех людей и каждого отдельного человека на Земле, независимо от расы, национальности, веры, убеждений"

--- это невозможно, ну никак, разве что в Царстве Божием.
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сообщение 6.2.2007, 16:07
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Заслуженный Ветеран

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Слегка пробежав текс этой "белой книги жизни", я подтвердил своё изначальное предположение. Так и есть - это произведение секты анастасийцев. Так что всё оказалось проще, чем появление новой секты.
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сообщение 17.6.2008, 12:59
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For the attention of:
His Holiness Benedictus XVI
The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church
The Conclave of the Holy Roman Church
Commission on Canonizations- Beautifications
Vatican City, Rome, Italy


In appealing for Your Holy Blessing
Of this sincere, open message,
Extending our Loftiest Respect
With Modesty and Confidence,
Departing from the very depth of Belo-Russian audience,
We’d like extend the following
To Your Most Holy and Enlightened knowledge.

The Vatican announced, the evidences of miracles are necessary,

They should be two, not less,

To canonize John Paul the Second.

No doubt, the Vatican
will get such evidences –
Of healing mainly, or some other local character.
Even lower clergymen can do them, or some distant rural reverends,
While magnifying energy of Roman Pope has so tremendous character
This makes his influence on mourners as self-evident.

This means John Paul the Second healed through life not one, but many!


However, can such healing be considered as the real miracle to make him saint?

Especially, when microparasitic cause of cancer, AIDS and any ailments
Discovered in Siberia by T. Svischeva, Russian lady-chemist,
Will turn the canonizing for the miracles of healing into senseless step,

Just mere testimony of tremendous ignorance, and nothing else.


Then, isn’t it surprising for the Vatican to canonize John Paul the Second

For only two and very singular and private miracles?
The real maker of the miracles can do them every day in dozens, even millions!
Let’s ask and very seriously: Is this enough that sainthood be attributed?

In fact, the saints through history are dozens in the Church – in Catholic and Orthodox,
But, how they influenced this sinful world? Had they created something real, positive?

What does another canonizing have as major goal?

What does it bring to people, Church and modern world?

Let us agree, for any canonizing limited to healing miracles of singular importance
The time has gone, the time is over!

As people now are better educated and acquire better knowledge of the world,

They understand: a singular and private healing isn’t miracle, at all.

The real miracles are those, which heal not one, but thousands, if not all,

Which bring a real, lofty help to modern world!
They, first of all, must bring the major changes in the Church,

And one, a most important, urgent is the following:

The Truth must be restored in Church –

To be returned the soonest possible to people of the world!

In absence of the Truth the modern dead-end progress being uncontrolled,

Degrades the people, kills the Nature and increases evils in the modern world –

If earthmen do not stop this process, the outcome can be catastrophic.


All this require sooner Truth return to people of the Earth!

The Truth will switch in people power of Creators, given them by God – to all,

But through millennia suppressed by Church’s false philosophy,

Which propagates that people are and should be only slaves of God.

Thus, Truth will help return the people to the rising evolution and transforming

In the eternal, beatifying and perfecting further generations process,

Ascending earthmen to the levels and the states of earthly Gods!


And such development will mean a real Godlike Progress,

Which will be capable to save the people from the present dead-end progress!



Now, after this initial deliberation we, with honor, solemnly present
One only miracle event, that gives the right to canonize John Paul the Second!

This miracle, the loftiest and highest, doubtless, rising over others – all,
And it was witnessed by the people, every person, of the globe:
John Paul’s the Second major miracle, the most important,
Was his heroic, lofty victory in the attack of evil forces
On what remains yet major peoples’ hope – on Christian Church!

The Miracle is this: by evil forces former Pope had been condemned to die,
His death, according to the world conspiracy and the conceived scenario,

Should have delivered to the global centers and the peoples shocking sign,
The same as murder in Sarajevo
, which gave the World War I a signal start,
A sign of launching global confrontation – from East to West, from Arctic to Antarctic:

Between the major world civilizations – Christianity and Moslem World, Islam,

Together with the launch of global terrorism and feeding terrorist attacks.

However, former Pope frustrated these designs,
Frustrated the conspiracy of evil force and its conceived scenarios,
Though being wounded, suffered much, he struggled strongly for his life
And did not die, he did the major miracle and victory – he did survive!

But most important, he by this miraculous survival

Had launched another, counter symbol-sign:
Of final victory of God over designs of evil force and its belligerent scenarios!
This is the real Deed, the real MIRACLE, which gives the right for canonizing!
Are we not right?


Then, Former Pope had traveled much over the globe
And got another name – of traveling ”White Pope”!
The White today cannot be limited to color only,

The era of the WHITE PROJECT begun to change the world –

It came from Western Belarus, two steps away from native lands of Pope.


We also know the former Pope was constantly in search for renovations
To bring to Church and world the Beauty and Perfection!

The major thing that he ascertained many times:
The Christian Church must rise from being church of praising death and afterlife,

As time arrived become a Church of Life!
This, first of all, implies a number of the lofty goals for Church and world to be survived:
Departing from the ancient dogmas that had ceased to work, especially in our times,

And turning Christian Church to people, world and real life.
And now let’s try decipher his deliberations on his strive to comprehend the secret of the Word…
To comprehend the secret of the Word, means comprehend the secret of the Thought,

As any word has roots and generates in conscience though energy of thoughts.

Perception of the secret of the World and Thought

Helps understand the Truth, that is the Mechanism of Universe and God,

Which comes to us from Bible sentence ”…Word was God”.

In fact, the major universal secret and the sense of word, perceived by former Pope

Is very simple: words, producing sound, which disappears in a second after being spoken,

Together with the thoughts, which always generate the words,

Emit the thinnest psychic energies, equivalent to speed and force of thought,

Which never disappear but produce the resonance in depths of Universe
And then return creating daily life of every person.

That means the real life is a material result of people’s thoughts and words,

Regardless of the fact, they know it or they not,

As everybody speaks and thinks throughout his life and always.


Now, since the human beings were created in the image and the likeness of the God,

They all possess the conscience and generate the thoughts, pronounce the words,

Which means they all create like earthly gods by their thoughts and words!

And this is clear evidence of their being not the slaves of God, but earthly sons of God!

The Mighty God does not require slaves, as they cannot create the Godlike Progress.

The Mighty God created in His image and the likeness people as the earthly sons of God,

Creators of the rising evolution on the Earth!

This was the major concept of creation of the human life on Earth by God!

And this was hidden from the people and replaced by dead-end progress.


A better understanding of the energy of thought and word transforming,

Becoming feasible, material and solid, create the future and the daily life of every person,

Give numerous discoveries, which show:

The atom and molecule represent not solid matter, as we know,

But pure energy, an energetic field, which was condensed, compressed and turned to being solid.


This is the major essence of the Truth, that should be learned by heart and used by every person:

The energy of thoughts and words go materialized, for everyone is not a salve, but is and earthly God,

His future and his daily life will be adequate to his thoughts and words:

Are they creative, strong and positive, or they are negative and life destroying.


This Truth was hidden from the peoples by the Church,

Which propagates throughout millennia the afterlife and full relying on the will of God,

For people are created as the slaves, not be the image and the likeness of the God,

Who should develop in the rising evolution, that is in the earthly Godlike Progress,

Ascending to the levels of the earthly Gods!

The outcome and result of slaves’ development upon the church philosophy

Isn’t it a clear evidence that this philosophy is false!


The thoughts of group, of nation are creating their future, being common.

What kind of energies do generate today all people and the world …?
And what vibrating resonance are they inciting in the Universe…?

If now we firmly know: The Though and Word have Power of the God!
Does present Church, do all confessions understand this major problem of the world?
And what is their actual and loftiest response?

Since former Pope repeated many times, he strived to learn the sense and secret of the Word,

He did perceived the Word, perceived the Truth, but didn’t dare to declare openly,

He understood this can produce in Vatican and Church revolt!

And only reiterated: Our Church should rise to Church of Life, the sooner possible.


The Truth will certainly produce in Church and people’s minds revolt,

Transforming them from false philosophy of slaves to lofty levels of the likeness, image of the God,

Whose major duty, major goal is to prolong in rising evolution life on our Earth –

That is create the further generations ever beautiful and ever perfect,

Thus making earthmen rise, ascend to states and levels of the Earthly Gods,

In the eternal, beatifying and perfecting human generations process.


And such ascending evolution is a real universal Godlike Progress!

But, all confessions, earthly Churches failed present it to the world, unfortunately.



All this above, we think, provides the fullest right
That former Pope, John Paul the Second be, for sure, canonized!


Another urgent timely need and wisdom is:

The sainthood nowadays must only be attributed
For Real Deeds that beautify the world and people!
The next canonization will deserve the Pope or Popes
Who will enhance this generated move inside the Church,

The most important in the Universe –

And also, those from now deserve canonization,
Who will be able bring the Christian Churches to reconciliation,
And will prevent the confrontation of the Moslem World with Christianity,
Who will be able introduce into the Church the urgent and the vivid changes –
In sense of rising to the CHURCH OF LIFE, departing from the ancient dogmas of the faith

On man as slave not being a Creator – that means depart from being church of slaves,

On blessing by Crusification throughout millennia, instead of Resurrection –

That is depart from generating energies of death and sowing seeds of death by blessing…

Depart from praising life in poverty and suffering, not life in joy and happiness,

And promise only that, what nobody has witnessed: life eternal after death –

That is, depart the sooner possible from church and faith of death.

In thanking for Your Holiest Attention,
We send again the feelings of the Loftiest Respect!
And hope this message will be well accepted
In the realms of Holy City
, Church and Christianity!

Sincerely, The White Horsemen and White Eagles, Belarus-Russia
A. D. 2006-2008

Разъяснение: В данном письме в Ватикан говорится о том, что канонизации за минимум два свидетельства о совершённых чудах, как объявил Ватикан, чудах частного исцеления, тем более после открытия паразитарной этиологии болезней, или другого чуда индивидуального плана, в отношении одного человека, ничего не дают ни церкви, ни людям, ни миру. Но Иоанн Павел II должен быть канонизирован за одно чудо, которое видели все люди, весь мир. Подобно убийству в Сараево, послужившему сигналом к первой мировой войне, Иоанн Павел II должен был пасть жертвой от пули, выпущенной мусульманином в главу христианской церкви, по сценарию сил зла, и своей смертью дать миру символ-сигнал о столкновении между мусульманской и христианской цивилизациями. Но он выжил и вопреки приговору к смерти стал самым путешествующим папой по всему миру, названным «Белым Папой!». Тем самым он стал обратным символом - не смерти и схватки двух цивилизаций, а символом жизни и конечного поражения сил зла, хотя и был запущен механизм глобального терроризма.

Более того, он неоднократно говорил, что всю жизнь посвятил постижению смысла и энергии слова, и призывал, чтобы церковь стала «Церковью Жизни!». Это значит - пересмотреть старые, неработающие догмы, далекие от современности, древних времён, древних народов, и стать ближе к жизни, обратить вспять массовое отдаление людей от церкви, особенно молодёжи! Любые последующие канонизации, все и любые, должны совершаться только за такие дела и за чуда всеобщей Вселенской значимости, в частности, за приближение Церкви к реалиям современной жизни и пересмотр догм далёких народов, далёких, древних эпох, за примирение двух ветвей христианской церкви, католицизма и православия - анахронизм современности, что зависит только от Ватикана, а также за предотвращение конфронтации между мусульманской и христианской цивилизациями. Церкви, конфессии, чтобы выжить, должны скорее обретать Истину и завоёвывать людей только Истиной, чтобы, не воюя, побеждать, а не силой выживать.
Канонизаций и Святых – много, а что это дало верам и народам?

Сравните, что сделали за свою жизнь русские цари: канонизированный Николай II, из-за своей набожности бесславно сдавший Россию и бесславно погибший, и Александр II, сделавший так много для России и погибший на посту, но не канонизированный…
А чуда исцеления могут совершать и простые священники. Но и эти чуда, в том числе так называемое изгнание бесов, превратились в анахронизм, фикцию, свидетельство невежества в свете открытия Т. Я Свищёвой паразитарной этиологии рака, СПИДа, диабета, инфаркта, инсульта, псориаза, рассеянного склероза, психических отклонений и всех других болезней и предложения простых методов избавления от причины болезней, вместо лечения каждой болезней. В этом свете даже чудо исцеления парализованных на психической почве, а именно они чаше всего поддаются такому чудо-исцелению, не могут считаться чудом, ибо полного исцеления энергетическим и психологическим воздействием не достичь, без паразитарной чистки (См. Книгу 3 «Белой Книги Жизни» последняя версия на и по всему Интернету).
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сообщение 21.6.2008, 15:57
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Афтар, выпей йаду!!!
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дядюшка Ро
сообщение 21.12.2013, 6:09
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Заслуженный Ветеран

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общенациональной и общемировой идеи наднационального и надконфессионального уровня, поднимающей людей над всеми земными различиями, на уровень, где сходятся интересы всех людей и каждого отдельного человека на Земле, независимо от расы, национальности, веры, убеждений

Как-то еще в школе я наткнулся на изречение Лосева о бесконечной скорости движения. Дословно не помню, но суть такова; если тело движется с бесконечной скоростью, то оно находится одновременно во всех точках траектории пути. Я был поражен очевидностью и невероятностью одновременно. Я вдруг представил себе, что прилетев, скажем, на Альдебаран, я все еще буду находиться на Земле. Мысленно конечно, да... Пока свет доползет мы уже хоп-хоп на краю Вселенной и осматриваем окрестности Красивой Жизни...
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